Terms and Conditions


1.1 BEACH SOCCER TV is a subscription service that offers its members a large variety of beach soccer matches broadcasted on our website through different devices, including internet-connected TV sets and computers.

1.2 Before subscribing to the BEACH SOCCER TV Service, you should read the present Terms and Conditions (the ‘Terms’). In order to avoid any doubts, we state that any offer, promotion, or discount might be subject to some additional terms that substitute or complement the present Terms. In the event of a conflict between the present Terms and any additional terms, the latter will prevail.  

  1. Main Terms  

2.1 So that the BEACH SOCCER TV Service can be used, we offer some different Payment Subscription Programs. Their cost and rights shall be described when the subscription is made, or in any further information made available to you prior to contracting the Subscription Program – each one of them is a ‘Payment Subscription’.

A Free Subscription might be subject to some additional terms. As prescribed, these terms shall apply, before you complete your subscription (the ‘Free Subscription’).

2.2 Audio-visual coverage of sports events -both live and on-demand-, as well as audio-visual summaries of sports events and some other content related to them shall be available to you as part of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service (the ‘Content’). Content and availability might change with time, depending upon the length of the different agreements entered into between BEACH SOCCER TV and the right owners of the sports events, for example. The Content is subject to some restrictions, including but not limited to some territorial restrictions, i.e. in each territory, some different rights available will apply.

2.3 As described under Section 4.8 below, we hold the right to change the price of the Payment Subscription, as well as the price of our Subscription Programs -including the fact of adding or removing one or many Subscription program(s)- and/or to remove/change any rights in your Subscription program at any moment. 

2.4 In order for you to use the Beach Soccer TV Service, you should create an account. To create an account, you should (a) provide some information (your email) and enter a password and, (b) in order to comply with our safety procedures, you might be requested to check the information provided. If you make any change in the data provided when you create your account, in order to comply with our safety procedures, you might be requested to check the information provided.  

2.5 It is not allowed to create an account with any purpose related to your business, company, or occupation. Therefore, you must confirm that, when you create an account and register in one of our Subscription Programs, you are not doing so for the aforesaid purposes.  

2.6 Unless otherwise stated in your Subscription Program, all data in your account are personal data and these should not be shared with anybody or made available to any third parties.  

2.7 You can access and enjoy the BEACH SOCCER TV Service worldwide, except for live matches or events, which will depend on their location and on whether the content availability is subject or not to any location agreement that might have been entered into with BEACH SOCCER TV.

The Geo-block event list for ‘lives’ will be found under the ‘Q&A’ section.

2.8 We might regularly change the present Terms, including but not limited to the following reasons: application of the legal changes or regulations in force, changes in the service, and safety reasons. 

2.9 Any changes in the present Terms, any substantial change in your Subscription Program (except for, and in order to avoid any eventual misunderstanding, any change in the Content, which might be altered, as prescribed under Section 2.2), and any change in our payment terms for the Payment Subscriptions (including the appropriate fee), will be sent to your most recently registered email at least 30 days before it enters into force. According to the applicable regulations and to provisions under Section 5 below, such changes will be deemed as accepted, unless you inform us about your cancellation within 30 days after sending the relevant notice.

2.10 The BEACH SOCCER TV Service and any Content that will be seen through the BEACH SOCCER TV Service are exclusively intended for your personal, not commercial, use. When you become a subscriber of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service, we shall provide you with a limited -not exclusive, transferable, or sublicensable- license to access the BEACH SOCCER TV Service and see the Content available (depending on your Subscription Program) only in streaming. Except for the aforesaid limited license, no other right, title, or interest will be granted to you. You are engaged not to use the BEACH SOCCER TV Service for any public event whatsoever.  

2.11 In accordance with Section 5.2 below, any Subscription Program with a minimum initial period will be automatically renewed, unless any of the parties decides to terminate it. Such renewal is subject to any payment required that regularly expires being authorized by its payment service provider or to your registration or promotional code being valid (if applicable), and it is subject to the present Terms at all times. For the avoidance of doubt, during the registration process, you shall be informed about Events and Payment Subscription Costs.

2.12 Free Registrations will remain active until any of the parties decides to terminate them in accordance with the present Terms.

2.13 To the extent allowed by the regulations in force, you will allow us to share information with any third party who is the owner of the rights related to the Content you see when using the BEACH SOCCER TV Service. Such information will be shared as anonymous data.

2.14 In accordance with the applicable regulations and as stated under Sections 5.2 and 5.3, if you have a Payment Subscription, you will be allowed to terminate the agreement with us. If you have a Free Subscription, you will be able to terminate the agreement, in accordance with Section 5.5. Our right to terminate the agreement is stated under Sections 5.2, 5.5, and 7.2. In the event that we terminate the agreement in a way other than stated under Sections 7.2.1, 7.2.2, and 7.2.3 below if you have a Payment Subscription, you will hold the right to be refunded the apportioned amount that you have already paid in advance. Your mutual right to termination is described under Section 5. 

2.15 In the event that you do not comply with liabilities under Sections 2.5, 2.10, and/or 7.1.1, especially if you make the Content available to people in any commercial premise (as for example, but not limited to, restaurants, pubs, hotels, clubs, associations, game rooms, gyms, hospitals, etc.,), in accordance with the regulations in force, we might request damages in compensation from you for an amount that is proportional to the value of such non-compliance. This, for example, might amount to a monthly fee in your Subscription Program (as stated in the BEACH SOCCER TV Service) times fifty, for every non-compliance in the previous 12 months, up to the maximum amount allowed by the regulations in force. This amount for damages in compensation might also be required if you allowed a third party to make available any part of the Content in the BEACH SOCCER TV Service by providing a such third party with your user’s account data. In accordance with the regulations in force, you acknowledge and accept the fact that the aforesaid request for damages in compensation is a reasonable and proportional one to protect us against such fraudulent behaviors. Such damages in compensation are deemed without prejudice to any other right that protects us by virtue of the present Terms or the governing law.  

  1. Privacy 

3.1 Find our Privacy Policy in the link https://beachsoccer.com/privacy-policy (‘Privacy Policy’). Your privacy and personal data are important to Us. Any personal data that you provide us with will be treated by following our Privacy Policy, where it is stated which personal data we collect from you; how and why we collect, store, use, and share such information; your rights before your personal data; and how to could contact Us and the supervising authorities if you had any question or claim about the use of your personal data. 

  1. Financial provisions 

4.1 Your registration only covers your access to your corresponding Subscription Program and/or Event (as appropriate). You will be fully liable before any cost related to the use of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service, as well as to the equipment required. The telephone line, as well as some other communication or access costs, might be charged separately by your Internet provider or by the appropriate service provider. As it is stated during the registration process, the fee of a Subscription Payment and/or Event should be paid by means of an accepted payment method, i.e. by credit or debit card.

Payment Means available shall change depending on the country where the BEACH SOCCER TV Service has been registered. It should be acknowledged by yourself that you are the owner of any Payment Means used, or that you have been authorized by the bank account or card’s owner to use it. All bank accounts and Payment Means are subject to validation and authorization verifications by the Payment Means supplier. If there is any bank cost (e.g. a banking institution or payment suppliers’ fee), as a result of the subscription payment not being able to be processed, due to any reasons which you might be responsible for or to a payment cancellation, such cost could be debited from your account.

4.2 For some Payment Means, the issuer of your Payment Means might: (i) charge you some commissions, such as a commission for a transaction abroad or other commissions related to your Payment Means process; and/or (ii) charge you in a currency other than the one indicated in your country. Local taxes might vary depending on the Payment Means used. For further details, refer to your Payment Means supplier. 

4.3 According to legislation, we retain the right to refuse any payment at our reasonable discretion, including but not limited to, if we suspect that there is a fraudulent and/or illegal activity, and/or if we receive a payment refusal request from the Spanish authorities and/or a request from your payment suppliers.  

4.4 According to Section 4.6, the Payment Subscription and/or Event fee shall be the one quoted when the subscription is made or shown in other information provided to you before its purchase. The Payment Subscription fee is invoiced monthly, yearly or otherwise, as set forth and selected by yourself during the Payment Subscription purchase process (monthly invoicing shall be applied by default if there is not a yearly Subscription or otherwise available at the moment of purchase), in accordance with the Payment Means you selected on the calendar day corresponding to the beginning of your Payment Subscription, or as specified by the issuer of your Payment Means. In some cases, the invoice date might change; for example, if your subscription started on a day that is not included in a specific month. An Event fee will be immediately charged to the Payment Means selected by yourself when you bought the Event. The payment will be processed by us from a safe site. 

4.5 If a payment means is refused or if you fail to pay any Payment Subscription and/or Event, during all the period of time (or any part thereof) of payment breach, we might apply our right not to offer our Service and to withdraw your access to the BEACH SOCCER TV Service, to prevent you from using some other services and/or to refuse any further purchase of our services. In any case, and in accordance with Section 7.2, our right to immediately discontinue or cancel your access to our Service shall not be affected.  

4.6 Concerning any Payment Subscription of at least 3 months and in installments (monthly installments, for example), if you fail to pay any of the installments and such failure is not amended within 5 days from the due payment date, all pending fees to the end of the minimum Payment Subscription period will be deemed as demandable and, in accordance with the legislation in force, we shall exercise our right to charge a such pending fee. For example, any pending fee might be charged through the Payment Means selected or provided by yourself to the BEACH SOCCER TV Group, including the fact that you try to subscribe to the BEACH SOCCER TV Service again.

4.7 As for Payment Subscriptions, you can verify your next fee date and change your Payment Means by visiting our website and clicking on ‘My Account’.

4.8 Subject to any notice requirements under Section 2.9, we hold the right to increase the Payment Subscription and/or Event fees at any moment (for example, due to any changes in the market status, a significant increase in our purchase or provision of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service, or any increase in local TVA or any equivalent tax). In accordance with your notice and termination rights under Section 2.9 and with regulations in force, any increase in the Payment Subscription fees will be applied at least thirty (30) days after notice by email to your most recently registered email. 

5 Agreement execution. Period, Renewal, and Termination 

5.1 When you click on the purchase button (or, where appropriate, on an equivalent button), you send a legally binding offer to execute a subscription agreement. This agreement is finally executed after our explicit confirmation. If you did not receive such a confirmation, the agreement will be executed when you are given access to the BEACH SOCCER TV Service Contents.  

5.2 If a minimum initial term (12 months, for example) is not specified at the moment of the Payment Subscription purchase, then your Payment Subscription will start on the day when the agreement is executed, and it will have an indefinite term, even though it can be terminated by you or by us at any moment by a previous thirty-days (30) notice. If a minimum initial term (12 months, for example) is specified at the purchase, then your Payment Subscription will have such period length, and it will be automatically renewed for the same initial term length (or, if it is different, as specified during your Payment Subscription purchase process). Unless the subscription is validly terminated by yourself by giving a previous thirty-days (30) notice, such termination will come into force at the end of the initial period or of the existing subscription period, as appropriate. As stated under Sections 2.14 or 7.2, our right to immediately discontinue or terminate your access will remain unaffected.  

5.3 To terminate your Payment Subscription, you can go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Cancel subscription’. The execution of the cancellation process will be deemed as a previous notice, to the effects under Section 5.2. If you have terminated the agreement in accordance with Section 5.2, you will still have access to the BEACH SOCCER TV Service until the end of your subscription term; then it will expire. With no prejudice to Sections 6.4 y 7.2, in the event of termination, the already paid Payment Subscription fees will not be reimbursed. 

5.4 If your Payment Subscription is not subject to any initial minimum term; then, according to Section 5.2, depending on the date when you have given notice of the Payment Subscription termination, your subscription might continue beyond the last Complete Billing Period; in which case we shall charge to the Payment Means selected by yourself (in the last invoicing date) the apportioned amount, by calculating the actual number of days from the end of the last Complete Billing Period to the effective termination date. A ‘Complete Billing Period’ is the time between the billing date of your Payment Subscription to (but not including) the next date in which you should be invoiced for such subscription. For example, if a user is monthly invoiced and such invoicing occurs on March 5, then the Complete Billing Period goes from March 5 to April 4 (both dates included).

5.5 If you have a Free Subscription, your subscription will continue until you cancel it, in accordance with Section 5.5, or until the end of a Free Subscription term.

You can cancel your Free Subscription account by emailing beachsoccertv@beachsoccer.com and requesting ‘Close my account’. Beach Soccer Worldwide will then cancel your subscription within 15 days.

5.6 To cancel your monthly or annual subscription, there is a section called PLANS in the profile settings section. From there, you can cancel your subscription.

5.7 The purchase of an Event cannot be cancelled, unless otherwise stated at the purchase or in other information provided to you before the purchase, in accordance with Section 5.8.  

5.8 For as much as acceptable by the legislation in force, you acknowledge and accept that the delivery of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service will be within the waiver term enforceable (if any) and, therefore, once you effectively access the BEACH SOCCER TV Service Content, you will lose your waiver rights.

  1. BEACH SOCCER TV Service Provision and Technical Requirements.

6.1 We shall do everything possible to guarantee that the BEACH SOCCER TV Service be available at all times. However, to the extent permitted under governing law, the BEACH SOCCER TV Service is provided ‘as such’. In accordance with Sections 6.3 y 11, we shall not be held responsible whatsoever before you for the cancellation or suspension of any event or for not broadcasting any event, according to what has been programmed or advertised, or for you not being able to follow an event in a specific device.

6.2 Occasionally, we might discontinue the BEACH SOCCER TV Service for updating or maintenance reasons. We shall try to minimize such discontinuations as much as possible.

6.3 The BEACH SOCCER TV Service will be provided with reasonable diligence and ability. Besides this, and to the extent permitted by governing law, we shall offer no affidavit or guarantee with reference to the BEACH SOCCER TV Service provision. No other legal right that you might have as a consumer will be affected by the aforesaid. We (and not any other payment service third supplier) are responsible for any claim from you or from any other third party in connection with the BEACH SOCCER TV Service and/or with the use of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service.

6.4 In the event that the BEACH SOCCER TV Service does not comply with any of the enforceable warranties and that you claim the right to reimbursement, you can contact us at beachsoccertv@beachsoccer.com

6.5 The sports events broadcasting display quality might vary in different computers and devices and it might be altered by different reasons, such as their location, the broadband available, and/or the Internet connection speed.

6.6 The pixel quality (SD or HD, as applicable) of the Content available might change depending on the Subscription Program or Internet connection. We hold the right to limit access to the Content to a higher pixel quality (HD, for example).

  1. Use of the BEACH SOCCER TV Services.

7.1 We are the owners or licensors of all the intellectual property rights of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service (including any Content). All materials, including but not limited to design, text, software, charts, fragments, and images that you receive (and any selection or settings) are subject to our copyright and/or third-party rights. If a third-party claims that the BEACH SOCCER TV Service or your use of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service violates the intellectual property rights of such third party. We (not a third-party supplier of the payment services) shall be solely responsible for exploring, defending, solving, or refusing such claims. You agree to: 

7.1.1 Use the BEACH SOCCER TV Services with no trading purposes, with no profit-making purposes -financial or any other kind of purposes-, and not to allow any other person o people to use the BEACH SOCCER TV Service. You cannot charge any amount for seeing the BEACH SOCCER TV Service, nor can you use the BEACH SOCCER TV Service to engage anybody to buy your assets or anybody else’s assets, or to make them go to any premises to watch the Content; 

7.1.2 You should keep your password safe, and you should never share any password or codes with anybody or by no means make them accessible to anybody else (unless otherwise stated, and only in your Subscription Program). You should inform BEACH SOCCER TV as soon as you are aware of any potential or real safety violation; 

7.1.3 You should not copy, record, store all or a part of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service (except for what is allowed by Ourselves in the App), divert, share again, broadcast, capture in streaming, or distribute otherwise all or a part of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service to any person, nor should you authorize, enable or invite any other person to do anything of the aforesaid;  

7.2 We can immediately discontinue or terminate your access to the BEACH SOCCER TV Service or withdraw your access to any promotion, offer, or discount if we have reasonable reasons to believe that: 

7.2.1 You make an abusive, disturbing, excessive use of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service or a use that is contrary to the interest of some other subscribers;  

7.2.2 There has been a safety violation in your account; 

7.2.3 You have not complied with any of these Specifications; 

7.2.4 A legal authority requests us to do so; 

7.2.5 We are forced or believe that it is necessary to do it, by virtue of the legislation in force. 

7.3 If the circumstances allow it, we shall take the necessary and reasonable measures to inform you in advance about such termination, discontinuity or withdrawal. Such notice, however, might not always be possible. 

7.4 In accordance with Section 7.1.2, you agree that access data are exclusively for you and should not be shared with anybody else. You can modify your access data at any moment on our website or by clicking on ‘My Account’. As part of our safety procedures, you might be requested to verify the information provided. 

  1. Your safety protection

8.1 Attention should be paid to any notice in which you are requested to send any information about your credit card or bank account. If you provide information in such kind of notice, your identity might be stolen. You should always access sensitive information of your account directly from the BEACH SOCCER TV Service, not in any hyperlink, email or any other e-notice, even if it looks legal. 

  1. Age restriction 

9.1. No age restriction applies as a BEACH SOCCER TV Service user.

9.2. If a minor wishes to subscribe, he/she needs to be authorized by his/her father, mother, or legal tutor when he/she registers and uses the BEACH SOCCER TV Service. In accordance with these Terms, it is deemed that you testify and warrant the aforesaid. 

  1. Our rights in the event of non-compliance.

10.1 You are committed to fully compensating us for damages, costs, and expenses (including lawyers’ reasonable fees) which we might be engaged in as a result of: 

10.1.1 Any distortion, neglectful or deliberate act or omission on your part in connection with the use of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service; 

10.1.2 Any neglectful or deliberate non-compliance with the present Terms on your part, or 

10.1.3 Any claim made by any third party arising from, or related to, your access or neglectful or deliberate use of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service that does not comply with the present Terms. 

10.2 According to Section 10.1, damages also include any responsibilities before our subsidiaries or licensors (including our subsidiaries’ licensors), due to any of the events described under Sections 10.1.1., 10.1.2. and 10.1.3. 

  1. Liability 

11.1 We (including any third party holding the rights to the events broadcasted by the BEACH SOCCER TV Service) shall not be held responsible before you or any third party due to the (partial or total) delay, misfunction, cancellation, disruption, and/or lack of availability (each of which is an ‘Unavailability’) in the provision of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service, due to:  

11.1.1 Any circumstance or event that is external to our control (according to Section 14.1) or accidental;  

11.1.2 Illegal handling or operations by any third party of both services and equipment provided by us;  

11.1.3 Handling or operations of the equipment under your control; 

11.1.4 Your improper use of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service;  

11.1.5 Misfunction/wrong settings of the equipment that you are using;

11.1.6 Unavailability, poor broadband or poor speed in an access service (such as power supply or Internet connection). 

11.2 We shall not be held responsible for any damages that might arise from your failure to comply with any of the user’s liabilities, in accordance with the present Terms. Unless otherwise expressly stated in the present Terms, and subject to Section 11.4, all warranties and terms, whether express or implied by law, common law, or otherwise, are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. 

11.3 In accordance with Section 11.4, to the fullest extent permitted by the relevant legislation, our liability before you due, or with reference to, the present agreement and the provision of your subscription program as a part of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service will be limited to the amount paid by you for a subscription period in your Payment Subscription.

11.4 Nothing in the present Terms will exclude or limit our liability and/or any third party’s right owner’s responsibility in the event of (i) death or personal damages due to negligence; (ii) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; (iii) any other loss that might not be excluded or limited by the relevant legislation. Likewise, your potential imperative legal rights will not be affected. 

11.5 Any comments and other materials published in the BEACH SOCCER TV Service are not intended as any advice that you should follow. Therefore, we waive any responsibility based upon trust in such materials from any user of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service, or from any person who might have been informed about any of its contents. 

  1. Contact 

12.1 You can contact Us (to discuss about any technical problems or for any other reason) by email to beachsoccertv@beachsoccer.com. In order for us to be able to help you or to identify your subscription, you might be requested to send your email, address, and some product and payment information. We (not any third-party payment service provider) are responsible for the provision of the whole BEACH SOCCER TV Service maintenance and support.

12.2 Any notice from Us will be sent by email to the latest email that you provided us with. We shall not be held responsible for any message from us that you might not have received. 

  1. Force Majeure 

14.1 Neither Us nor any right holder’s third party will bear any responsibility before you for any delay or lack of provision of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service if such a delay or lack of provision is due to any reason beyond our reasonable control or any right holder’s third party’s control including, but not limited to, any failure in the electrical or mechanical equipment or communication lines, any third party’s action (including any denial of service attack, and the excessive use or misuse of the BEACH SOCCER TV Service), any telephone or interconnection problems, computer virus, unauthorized access, thief, operators’ errors, disease, epidemics, pandemic (such as COVID-19), fire, adverse weather conditions, including floods, Acts of God, actions or regulations from a statutory, governing or supranational authority, war, civil unrest, labor disputes, and cancellation or postponement of any event.